Q&A #11

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If loving your friends too much is a crime, then Rho is guilty as charged, Your Honor!!!! Remember that if you want to support the comic you can pledge to my Patreon and get cool rewards, or buy me a coffee! If you can’t support with money that’s okay, you can also share the comic… Continue reading Q&A #11

Keeping up with you

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At least it wasn’t Rho trying to guide him this time…? There are many ways in which blind people can run with a guide, and one of them is by the use of a tether or rope. Just like for walking, a human guide can warn the runner of incoming obstacles, changes in terrain, etc.… Continue reading Keeping up with you

No place for tears

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It’s okay, Rho, I feel you… Updates will be a bit slow for a moment, I have other things to finish (con prep, mostly) and I want to get them out of the way as soon as possible! You can always follow me on Twitter to know what I’m up to, it’s where I post… Continue reading No place for tears

A dog misplaced

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Way to kill the mood there, buddy. Hey there, we’re back!! I had to take a short break from Postcards to finish my short autobio comic Comics & Poutine, which is now available on Gumroad! – it’s received some really good comments so far, so if you’re into some fun travel journals you might want… Continue reading A dog misplaced