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Panel 1: The record store. Aleph is sitting by the counter. She raises her eyebrows with a smile and says “A band, huh?”

Panel 2: Aleph closes her eyes and says “I sure hope it’s not a Dog & Fries tribute…”. Rho, standing next to the counter, says “O–of course not!!”. He’s smiling nervously, and sweating a lot.

Panel 3: A flashback panel. Rho’s holding some music sheets. The title says “Dog & Fries: Untitled Number 9”. Rho smiles and says “Hey guys I have some ideas for the band and–”

Panel 4: Xi snatches the papers from Rho’s hands (off panel). She has big, angry eyes.

Panel 5: Xi, staring with big angry eyes, pushes the papers down a paper shredder. There’s a big VRRRR sound in the background.

Panel 6: Back to the present. Rho smiles nervously and says “Of course not…” in a wiggly speech bubble.

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare

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