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Panel 1: Sigma’s apartment. Pi and Sigma are sitting on the couch. Pi looks at Sigma and says “It’s been a delightful evening, but it’s time for us to go—“. Sigma, smiling but with a bit of disappointment, says “Aww…”

Panel 2: Sigma and Pi hug eachother. Pi says “Take care, okay?”. Sigma replies “You too”

Panel 3: Pi and Xi shake hands, smiling. Pi says “I hope we meet again soon!”. Eta is effusively hugging Sigma, who’s calmly hugging her back. She says “You should go visit us someday!”

Panel 4: A close-up of Eta, holding her face with her hands. She’s blushing a little, and smiling. There are flowers drawn floating around her. She says “Otherwise we’ll just see you at the wedding~”

Panel 5: On the foreground, Pi’s walking away from the apartment, looking nervous and embarassed, sweating. He’s holding Eta by the arm, who’s turning back and waving at Sigma and Xi with a big smile as she says “Byeeee!!”. In the background, Sigma and Xi are standing by the doorway. Sigma’s silent, blushing a lot with his eyes wide open. Next to him, Xi is also blushing with a nervous smile. She waves back and says “Have a safe trip!”

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  • Michael Hawk

    i love how not even pi can handle how bluntly eta goes about this topic

  • Szymon Brycki

    Dear Constanza 🙂

    I just discovered your comic and it is really cool 😀 Can I ask about the universe of this comic? Like what exactly is the composer or why the characters are named after greek words/numbers?

    • Hi there!

      This comic’s universe is “sort of like this one, but not quite”, like a not-so-distant future if some things had happened differently. The thing with the Greek letters for names is because there’s some kind of romanticism remembering old languages – by now English is used as a first language in most (if not all) of the world, so it’s a way to keep other languages in their memory. Greek letters are more popular, but letters from other languages are seen too (as is the case with Aleph).

      And, to put it simply, the Composer is the god of this universe 🙂 that’s why all expressions like “oh my god” translate to “oh, composer”. There is more to this, but I’m not going in too much detail in this comic 😛

      Thanks for reading! <3

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