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To fix what’s broken

To fix what’s broken published on No Comments on To fix what’s broken

It’s nice to see you again.

PS: This is the last update of 2014! working on this comic is one of my highlights for this year, not only it’s been a great experience, but it has also let me meet a lot of wonderful people and great artists. Here’s to another year of good comics and good memories! thanks for everything! ♥


Panel 1: Sigma’s apartment. Sigma and Xi are standing by the entrance door, holding hands. Sigma says “So you won’t go to movie night tonight?”. Xi looks down and says “No, sorry…I’d love to go, but…there’s something I have to do.”

Panel 2: Xi walking out of the building. It’s nighttime. Xi looks a little worried.

Panel 3: Xi walking down the street, under some streetlights. A caption from her says “Something I need to fix.”

Panel 4: Xi standing by the entrance of an apartment. She rings the doorbell.

Panel 5: Omicron opens the door of the apartment and raises his eyebrows in surprise. Xi says “Hello, Omi.” Omicron says “hey–” but is interrupted by Xi who says “I’m sorry, Omi.”

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