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Panel 1: A view of the street, late at night. There’s a pizza place by the corner. A caption says “Meanwhile, not too far away…”. Below it there’s a speech bubble coming from the pizza place, that says “Finally!”

Panel 2: The hipster pizza delivery guy, walking into the employee’s room at the pizza place. He looks tired, but relieved. He says “Time to go home…”

Panel 3: Someone (off panel) says “Dude, check this out!!”. The pizza delivery guy stands by the entrance, looking annoyed.

Panel 4: The pizza delivery guy stands next to another employee, a girl with dark skin and blue hair with big locks. She’s at a computer, wearing a headset. She sas “Someone just sent the funniest request!”. Pizza delivery guy stares at her and says “so what”

Panel 5: The pizza co-worker looks at the screen and reads the request out loud, laughing. She says “Please do not let that hipster guy deliver my pizza…”. The pizza delivery guy stands closer to the computer screen, looking really angry. He says in big letters “G–GIVE ME THAT ORDER!!”

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare
  • At first I didn’t get what “hipster guy” business is about. But when I re-read comic from the start, the pieces came together:

    P.S. I didn’t realize before that your comic style is really that consistent throughout the years. Kudos to you.

    • kurisquare

      Yeah, the hostility between Rho and the pizza guy has been going on for some time 😛

      PS: thank you!