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The evolution of movie nights

The evolution of movie nights published on No Comments on The evolution of movie nights


Thanks to everyone for being so patient during the recent hiatus! I’ve been working on a lot of great stuff lately, but I’m glad to be able to work on Postcards again. I’m trying my best to stay on track so I can go back to updating every Monday, so stay tuned 🙂


Panel 1: Rho’s apartment. Sigma and Rho are sitting on the couch, looking amused. They’re watching TV, but it’s not shown in the panel.

Panel 2: Same shot, but now it’s Xi, Sigma and Rho. Rho’s drinking some soda.

Panel 3: Same shot, but with Xi, Sigma, Rho and Aleph. Xi has her arm over Sigma’s shoulder, but both look a little uncomfortable. Aleph is smiling nervously. They barely fit in the couch all together.

Panel 4: Same shot. Now it’s Omicron, Xi, Sigma, Rho and Aleph. Omicron is sitting at the edge of one corner, looking nervous. Sigma is sitting on Xi’s lap. Xi is angrily staring at Rho. Sigma is looking uncomfortable, like he was about to fall down. Rho looks a little embarassed. Aleph looks at everyone and says “Might be time to get a bigger couch…”

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