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Panel 1: Sigma’s kitchen. Rho is suddenly startled by Sigma (off panel), who says “So are you and Aleph dating or something?”

Panel 2: Rho turns to Sigma, looking flustered. He says “W-WHAT’S WITH THAT”. Sigma says “Dude, I’m just asking.”

Panel 3: Rho touches his chin, thinking. He says “Well, we hang out a lot and I love spending time with her…”

Panel 4: Rho starts to blush, now fidgeting with his fingers. He says “But I don’t know if I want it to be like, a romantic thing??”

Panel 5: Rho smiles nervously, blushing a lot. He says “But other than that everything’s perfectly fine!!”

Panel 6: Sigma, looking confused, says “Have you talked to her about this?”. Rho, still blushing, covers his ears and turns away from Sigma, sweating. He says “What? I can’t hear you”

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare