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Panel 1: A break room. Omicron’s sitting on a couch reading on a tablet screen. Xi sneaks behind the couch with a grin and says “Heeeey, Omi!! What are you reading?”. Omicron, still looking at the tablet, says “Legacy of Tera…”

Panel 2: A close-up of Xi’s face, shining with excitement. She says “Oh, I love those books! Isn’t that the one in which Lupo finds out that Dina is actually his mother??”

Panel 3: A close-up of Omicron staring at Xi with big, angry looking eyes. Xi says (off screen) “Wait, that’s the fourth book…”

Panel 4: Same close-up as before, but with an even angrier face. Xi says (off screen) “Oh! is it the one in which–” but Omicron interrupts her with a “STOP” written in big, bold letters.

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare

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