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Panel 1: Xi’s bedroom. Xi is folding a shirt next to Aleph, who is holding a box. Xi says “Thanks for helping me pack my stuff, Aleph!”. Aleph smiles and says “It’s okay! These things are more fun with—”

Panel 2: Aleph opens the box, looking surprised. They say “Oh! What’s this?”

Panel 3: Xi grabs her arm, a little nervous smile on her face. She says “Composer, that…”. Aleph is holding a couple of small printed photographs.

Panel 4: A close-up of the photos in Aleph’s hands. There’s a selfie of Xi and Sigma, a picture of Rho pointing at Sigma wearing an elegant outfit, and a picture of Rho playing the guitar. Xi (off-panel) says “it’s for a photo album? of all the times we’ve spent together.”

Panel 5: Aleph is staring at the photos, a little concerned. Xi (off-panel) says “I was going to make Braille labels for these, but I never got to it…”

Panel 6: Aleph blushes as they hold their face closer to the photos. With an almost angry expression, they say “You guys are too cute”. Xi (off-panel) says “what?”, to which Aleph replies “Nothing”

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare
  • Shi

    Aleph is me

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