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Panel 1: Sigma’s apartment. Sigma is on the phone, smiling. Pi’s voice (from the phone) says “Heyyy buddy!!”. Sigma says “Hi, dad! What’s up?”

Panel 2: Sigma’s parents’ home. Sigma’s dad, Pi, is on the phone. He has short orange hair and wears rectangular glasses, a gray dress shirt and a black jacket. Next to him is Sigma’s mom, Eta. She has brown hair in a bob cut, and is wearing a green sweater. She’s sitting next to a laptop. On the wall there are some family pictures, one of the three of them together, and a portrait of Sigma as a little child. Pi says “Your mother and I are going to Prin this weekend, mind if we pay you a visit?”. Sigma (on the phone) says “Oh, I’d love to!”

Panel 3: Pi (on the phone) says “We’d love to meet your girlfriend, too!”. Sigma, startled and blushing heavily, says “What?”

Panel 4: Sigma (on the phone) says “H–how did you—“. Pi, standing next to Eta while both look at the computer, says “Oh, you know how it is…”

Panel 5: A close-up of the computer screen. Sigma’s parents are scrolling through Rho’s profile on some social media website. There’s a selfie of Rho with Sigma and Xi leaning in for a kiss in the background, which is edited with filters and stickers and has a caption that says “chillin’ with the OTP!!”. Below it, there’s another selfie of Rho with Xi staring madly at him. It has a caption that says “LMAO BUSTED”. Pi (off panel) says “We’ve known for a while, actually…”

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare

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