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Shipping theories

Shipping theories published on 1 Comment on Shipping theories

Eta, we’ve talked about this…

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Panel 1: Sigma’s apartment. Sigma is wearing an apron over his usual turtleneck sweater. He’s standing next to Xi, who has her hair down and wearing a red-and-gray striped shirt. Sigma moves his hands towards Xi and says “Mom, dad, this is Xi.”. Xi waves with a nervous smile and says “N–nice to meet you!”

Panel 2: Pi and Eta, Sigma’s parents, standing next to eachother. Pi waves at Xi and says “Nice to meet you, I’m Pi—“. He is interrupted by Eta, who says “We’re so happy to finally meet you!”

Panel 3: A close-up of Sigma and Xi, both of them looking nervous and blushing a little. Sigma is tapping his fingers. Eta (off panel) says “Composer, I can’t believe our boy is dating…they grow up so fast…”. Sigma says “Mom…”

Panel 4: Eta (off panel) says “You and Rho were really cute together, though—“. She is interrupted by Sigma, who says “WHAT?” in big letters. He’s blushing and has an upset expression. Xi is standing next to him, saying nothing. Pi, standing next to Xi, turns to Eta with a concerned look. He says “Eta…”

Panel 5: Xi smiles and says “Yeah, we’ve all thought that at some point”. Sigma, more shocked than before, sweating, says “WHAT?!” in big, bold red letters. Pi is looking at them, raising his eyebrows with a slightly surprised expression.

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  • *bookmarked*
    *whitelisted on adblock*
    *likes the design*
    i like that you added a transscript, that way you can read the comic in braille
    good work
    would have been interesting if the comment section was the disqus like i saw on other comic-websites

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