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Panel 1: The inside of a subway train. The train is crowded, and Sigma and Xi are pushing to barely fit inside. They both look visibly stressed. A voice on the intercom says “Please stay behind the yellow line— doors closing—”

Panel 2: There’s a loud BEEEEEP sound in the background. Xi turns around, her eyes wide open, and says “Wait–”

Panel 3: Xi (off panel) says “RHO!!” in big, bold letters. Only part of Rho’s head can be seen, as if he was drowning in the crowd. His face is pointing up, grasping for air.

Panel 4: A close-up of Rho, weakly raising his hand in this sea of people. In a wobbly speech bubble, and with small letters, he says “go on without me”

Panel 5: In the foreground, we can see part of Rho’s head an arm as he starts to fall down. In the background, Xi and Sigma, standing inside of the train, look at him with a worried expression.

Panel 6: Same as the previous panel, but now Rho keeps falling down, so we can only see a small part of his head, and the doors of the train close. From behind the door windows, Sigma and Xi are still looking worried.

Panel 7: In the foreground, Rho has already fallen down and we can’t see him anymore. In the background, the train starts moving, so we can only see Xi looking down at Rho while pressing her hand against the door window, even more worried than before.

  • Michael Hawk

    remember me…
    as a HEROOOooooo…..

  • Stephanie LaFreniere

    As someone who hates crowded areas I can relate to Rho’s resignation as well as Xi’s expressions, haha. Love this!

    • oh man, I’ve met that resignation too many times…sometimes the metro is so crowded I’ll just be like NOPE, NOT DOING THIS and just leave…then I either walk or hide in a café while I wait for rush hour to pass xD