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Title: Postcards Q & A Number 8

Question: Eta: Xi or Rho?

Panel 1: In the foreground: Eta, hugging both Rho and Xi who are standing one at each side of her. The three of them are smiling at the reader. Eta enthusiastically says “BOTH!”. In the background, Sigma is pointing at himself with an angry expression. He says “But what about–YOUR SON”

Panel 2: Eta, with her eyes closed in a neutral expression, pats Sigma on the shoulder. Sigma has a pouty face. Eta says “Come on, buddy, don’t get jealous.”

Question: Sigma, how did you realize you were in love with Xi?

Panel 3: (all panels in this segment are flashback panels. They have a slight blue tint). Sigma and Rho’s apartment. Both of them are sitting at the table, having tea. Sigma, with a calm smile, says “And then Xi said–“. Rho, resting his head in his hand, says “Wow, you’re in love, aren’t you?”

Panel 4: A close-up of Sigma’s face, looking very flustered. He says “WWHAT?! NO??!” in big, bold letters. Rho (off-panel) says “dude, chill” in small, lowercase letters.

Panel 5: Sigma, washing some dishes with a blank face. He’s blushing a little. He thinks, “But maybe…”. Next to him, there’s a small “oh no” written in lowercase.

Panel 6: A close-up of Sigma brushing his teeth. He’s looking nervous, blushing, and sweating a little. Behind him it says “oh no, oh no, oh nooo aaaaa”

Panel 7: An even closer close-up of Sigma, lying in bed, but with his eyes wide open. He’s blushing even more, and his mouth is all wobbly. behind him there’s just a continous “aaaaaaa” filling the whole background.

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare
  • Nice Ma! ;P And, d’aaw, that’s so darn cute about Sig realising he’s in wuv! ;3 ♡♡♡