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Title: Postcards Q & A Number 6

Question: Sigma, how do you program if you’re blind?

Panel 1: Sigma, over a plain background. He’s smiling and pointing at the headphones he’s wearing. He says “I use a screen reader! It reads what’s on the screen out loud!”

Panel 2: Sigma, sitting down at the computer with his headphones on. A voice from the headphones says “ERROR” in big, bold letters.

Panel 3: Sigma, now slouching a little and looking uncomfortable. A voice from the headphones says “FILE NOT FOUND” in big letters that take over most of the background.

Panel 4: Sigma, now looking visibly in pain as the voice from the headphones says “UNDECLARED VARIABLE” in big letters.

Panel 5: Sigma falls from the chair, we can only see the upper half of his head and his arms raised up as he removes the headphones from his head. A voice from the headphones says, in huge letters, “SEGMENTATION FAULT”

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare