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Title: Postcards Q & A Number 5

Question: Why do Xi and Omicron have the same scarves?

Panel 1: Xi and Omicron, high-fiving over a plain background. Xi’s looking happy and proud, and there are sparkles around her, while Omicron is more calm and a little nervous. Xi says “Because we are a team!!”

Panel 2: A flashback panel. Xi’s holding a gift-wrapped box in her hands and smiling. She says “Omi! I have something for you!”

Panel 3: Omicron holds the gift, looking at it with surprise. He says “Really? B–but it’s not my birthday or–“. Xi says “It’s for completing our first mission!”

Panel 4: Omicron is holding a red scarf and looking at it. Xi (off panel) says “I got us cool matching scarves!”

Panel 5: Omicron starts wrapping the scarf around his neck, smiling. Xi (off panel) says “So we look like a team, you know?”

Panel 6: Omicron touches the scarf, which is covering his neck and mouth. He has wide open eyes and is blushing a lot. Xi (off panel) says “I thought it’d be cool, so…”. Omicron, in a small and wavy speech bubble, says “it’s perfect”

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