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Title: Postcards Q & A Number 3

Question: Rho, was it hard when you first met Sigma? Like, did you treat him differently because he was blind?

Panel 1: Sigma’s apartment, back when Rho first moved in. Sigma’s wearing black sunglasses, a purple sweater and a white dress shirt underneath. He’s holding his cane. Next to him is Rho, with longer hair than usual, a small beard and a striped black and blue shirt. Rho offers his hand for a handshake and says “Hi, I’m Rho!”. Sigma just stands there with a blank expression.

Panel 2: Rho quickly retrieves the hand he had offered and puts it behind his head. He smiles nervously and says “N–nice to meet you!”

Panel 3: Present-day Sigma and Rho standing on a white background. Rho smiles and says “I think it went pretty we–“, he is interrupted by Sigma, who frowns and says “He had no idea of what he was doing.”

Question: Sigma, how did you become friends with Rho?

Panel 4: A small, simplified drawing of Sigma, raising his arms in confusion. The background has a question mark pattern. He says “How did I befriend someone like Rho??”

Panel 5: Sigma raises his eyebrows with a neutral expression and says “I guess I lived with him long enough to learn to tolerate him.” In the corner of the panel, Rho shows up with an angry face and says “WHOA, THANKS” in big, bold letters.

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