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Title: Postcards Q & A Number 12

Question: Sigma, do you prefer a screen reader or reading in Braille?

Panel 1: Sigma facing up with a pondering expression. He says “Personally, I like screen readers for work, and Braille for books…”

Panel 2: Sigma holding a book with one hand while touching one of the pages with the other, smiling. He says “I just love to sit down with a good book in my hands, you know…?”

Question: Xi, why did you become part of the security division?

Panel 3: Xi raises her fist and stares at the reader with determination. She says “Because I want to make Omni a better and safer place!”

Panel 4: A flashback panel. Everything has a slight blue tint. It’s a flashback of a younger Xi walking down a hall with her father, a big, tall man with short hair of a color similar to Xi’s. He’s wearing a suit and carrying some papers from the Security Division. Present Xi (off-panel) says “Although, I might be a bit biased…”

Question: Sigma, has anyone told you that you have very pretty eyes?

Panel 5: Sigma brings one of his hands to his face with a surprised expression. He says “oh!”

Panel 6: Sigma leans down a little and reaches for his goggles with one hand, taking them off.

Panel 7: Sigma, now without the goggles, is facing at the reader with his eyes fully open. He brings a hand to his face, smiling. There are some sparkles aroundh him. He says “You think so?”

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