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Q&A #11

Q&A #11 published on No Comments on Q&A #11

If loving your friends too much is a crime, then Rho is guilty as charged, Your Honor!!!!

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Title: Postcards Q & A Number 11

Question: Rho, if you moved out to give Sigma and Xi some space, why do you keep bursting in unexpectedly?

Panel 1: Rho, holding a big heart shape in front of him. He says “I just love my friends and I want to spend time with them is that wrong”. A voice coming from off-panel says “That doesn’t answer the question…”

Question: Is anyone not named after Greek letters?

Panel 2: Aleph raises their hand enthusiastically and says “ME!” in big, bold letters.

Panel 3: A close-up of Aleph’s hand, pointing at the Aleph letter symbol floating over it. Aleph (off-panel) says “Aleph is originally from Phoenician and Ancient Hebrew.”

Panel 4: Aleph smiles and waves at the reader. They say “It is also the base of the Greek letter Alpha– and the Latin letter A.”. At the other side of the panel, Alpha is standing and looking behind him with a confused look. He says “what am I doing here” in small lowercase letters.

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