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Q&A #10

Q&A #10 published on 3 Comments on Q&A #10

The most asked question in this comic, answered at last…??

This is the last Q&A comic for this round! If you still want to send questions for future Q&A rounds, you can always send them through this form. After this there’s a holiday special coming out on Thursday, and then I’m taking a little break from updating until January. I can’t believe the year is almost over!!


Title: Postcards Q & A Number 10

Question: What is this “composer” everyone talks about?

Panel 1: Xi, looking at the reader with confusion, and even a bit of fear. She says “…what?”

Panel 2: Xi walks up to Sigma, worried. Covering her mouth, she says “What kind of people are sending these questions?”. Sigma, with a blank expression, replies “No idea…”

Panel 3: Aleph, looking at the reader with a bit of disgust. They say “Dude, that’s like…disrespectful”

Panel 4: Rho, looking surprised. He says “It’s like you live under a rock!!”

Panel 5: Sigma, not facing the reader, but instead facing sideways. He looks concerned. He says “I don’t know how to react to this…”

Panel 6: Eta, looking sad and worried. She says “People these days…”. Next to her is Pi, who raises his eyebrows and says “Unbelievable”

Panel 7: Omicron, looking away from the reader with a nervous, uncomfortable expression. He says “composer…” in lowercase letters, in a wobbly speech bubble.

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  • Georgeo Brooks

    Composer…It never ends

  • Ya think they’d’ve figured it out by now!! ?

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