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Privacy (1)

Privacy (1) published on No Comments on Privacy (1)

Why do you still have the keys to this apartment…..

First comic of the year! I’m out of a buffer right now but I hope to get back on track sooner than later. I missed working on this!!

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Panel 1: Sigma’s apartment. It is evening, and the whole room has a purple tint to it. We can see part of the center table in the living room, and part of the couch, where Sigma and Xi are sitting together, holding eachother affectionately. There are some speech bubbles coming from them, but they’re blank.

Panel 2: A close-up of Sigma and Xi’s faces. Xi’s resting her head on Sigma’s shoulder, and they’re both smiling with their eyes closed. Xi’s saying something, but it’s not shown.

Panel 3: Xi turns to Sigma, holding his head with one hand. She looks at him with longing eyes, almost leaning in for a kiss.

Panel 4: Xi turns back to the door, still holding Sigma’s head in her hand. Sigma’s eyes are wide open. Rho (off panel) says “Hey, bro–”

Panel 5: Rho, standing in the doorway to the apartment. He says “Uhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Panel 6: Rho slowly closes the door as the speech bubble from the previous panel continues, “hhhhhhhhh”

Panel 7: The door, closed with a “SLAM” sound.

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