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Postcards in Braille

Postcards in Braille published on No Comments on Postcards in Braille

You know that moment when they say the title of the movie during the movie?

This page is dedicated to Rodrigo and Feña from Mapachestudios, the first ones to make me realize this thing about the narrative of Postcards itself: showing just enough for one to fill in the gaps. It’s something I didn’t do consciously at the beginning, but it’s been a really interesting thing to work with.


Panel 1: Xi’s bedroom. Xi is sitting on the floor next to her bed, looking at some photographs. She’s smiling, but looks a bit defeated. She says “I was trying to capture every special moment in these, but that’s an impossible task…it’s a bit frustrating”

Panel 2: Aleph sits down next to Xi, also holding some photographs. They look at Xi with a smile and say “Well, of course you can’t capture everything…”

Panel 3: A close-up of Aleph, who turns to look at Xi as they hold up a picture with each hand. One of the pictures is a selfie of Xi, and the other is a picture of Sigma with his eyes closed. Aleph says “But you can show just enough for one to fill in the gaps”

Panel 4: Xi looks down and touches her mouth, thinking. Aleph (off-panel) says “I think that’s pretty special”

Panel 5: Aleph turns to Xi and offers her a Braille label maker. Xi looks at the label maker with a smile. Aleph says “So, wanna make some labels?”

Panel 6: A close-up of some photographs lying on the floor. Both are pictures of Xi and Aleph, smiling. Xi (off-panel) says “Sure.”

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