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PHD Part 2

PHD Part 2 published on No Comments on PHD Part 2

This is why I don’t write comedy.

Fun fact: my sister bought pizza while I was working on this comic! weird, beautiful coincidences. There was no hipster delivery man, though, that would have been too much.

Thanks for reading and for all the comments! if I don’t reply it’s only because I don’t want to sound repetitive, but you’re all cool and I love hearing from you guys ♥


Panel 1: Rho’s apartment. Rho’s raising his hands, palms up, with a very angry face. He says “I cannot BELIEVE the new delivery man is that hipster guy! He’s like, the most annoying client we’ve ever had!”

Panel 2: A bigger view of the living room. Sigma is still sitting on the couch, while Xi is holding the pizza box and Rho is standing next to them, crossing his arms. Xi says “Oh come on, Rho…”

Panel 3: A close-up of the pizza box, a little open so we can see the pizza inside it. Xi says (off panel) “He can’t be that bad…”

Panel 4: Rho reaching down to grab a slice of pizza, looking a bit more calm. He says “Well, at least he delivers the pizza before it’s cool…”

Panel 5: Rho pulls a slice of pizza, cheese dripping from it, looking angry again. He says “…but that doesn’t make him any less of a jerk.”. Xi says (off panel) “That was a terrible joke.”

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