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Panel 1: A bus stop. Omicron is sitting at a bench, playing on his handheld console. He’s smiling.

Panel 2: Omicron is startled by Aleph, who’s resting their arm on the back of the bench, leaning in to look at Omicron. They say “Well, if it isn’t the champion of Beat Beat Infinity!”

Panel 3: The bench, now seen from the back. Aleph turns to Omicron and says “So what are you up to? Something hard and competitive, I guess—“. Omicron, looking nervous, says “Uh…”

Panel 4: A close-up of Omicron’s handheld console. On the screen, a cute squirrel-like animal is looking at Omicron’s avatar, which is a simplified version of himself, smiling. The squirrel-like animal says “Thanks! You are a good friend!”

Panel 5: A close-up of Aleph, with wide open eyes, staring at Omicron’s game (off screen).

Panel 6: Same close-up, but now Aleph is leaning in closer, so their face is only seen from the eyes to the top of their head. In a wobbly speech bubble, they says “d-does it have multiplayer”

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare
  • The most hardcore game.

  • Wolfenpilot687

    The game that has been keeping me sane through depressive bursts.

    • It really helped me get through my last year as an undergrad, too – I keep coming back to it when I need to calm down or a little cheering up 🙂