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Panel 1: A close-up of Sigma sitting on a bench, looking down. Rho (off panel) says “I don’t get it…”

Panel 2: Xi and Omicron, hanging out next to an ice cream cart. They both have ice cream cones. Rho (off panel) says “Xi is so energetic and extroverted, but Omicron is exactly the opposite…”

Panel 3: A close-up of Xi and Omicron. Xi’s grinning while Omicron smiles nervously. Rho (off panel) says “It’s like they have nothing in common…”

Panel 4: Sigma and Rho on a park bench. Sigma is holding a bag of snacks. Rho is using a pair of binoculars. He says “…but somehow they’re actually best friends. Weird, huh?”

Panel 5: Sigma and Rho on a park bench, over a blank background. Sigma shrugs and says “Well I’m best friends with you and you don’t question that…”. Rho puts down the binoculars and says “what does that mean” in small letters.

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare

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