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Panel 1: A close-up of Sigma’s hands typing on a computer keyboard. Below the keyboard there’s a Braille display.

Panel 2: Sigma, sitting at his work desk. He’s wearing a set of headphones and typing on the keyboard. Xi (off panel) says “Excuse me…”

Panel 3: Xi, walking towards Sigma’s desk. She asks “Is this the R.I. subdivision?”

Panel 4: A close-up of Sigma’s head, who hasn’t moved from where he was sitting. He says “You’re in the right place. Are you the new beta tester?”. Xi (off panel) says “Yes!”

Panel 5: Xi smiles and extends her hand. She says “My name’s Xi, nice to meet you!”

Panel 6: Sigma doesn’t move from where he’s sitting, at the computer. Xi is standing next to him, with her hand still extended for a handshake. She smiles nervously.

Panel 7: Sigma, still at the computer, says “are you waiting for me to shake your hand or something”. Xi quickly hides her hand with an embarassed expression, and says “uhh…”

Panel 8: A close-up of Xi’s face, looking away with an embarassed expression.

Panel 9: A close-up of Sigma’s hand, gently offering a handshake.

Panel 10: A close-up of Xi’s face, looking back at Sigma with surprise.

Panel 11: Sigma turns to Xi, offering his hand. He gives her a friendly smile and says “I’m Sigma, I’m a programmer here.”

Panel 12: Sigma stands up and they shake hands, smiling. Sigma says “Nice to meet you, Xi.”. Xi replies “Likewise!”

Panel 13: A close-up of Sigma and Xi’s hands, as they go for a handshake.

Panel 14: A close-up of Sigma and Xi’s hands, now in present time, holding eachother.

Panel 15: Xi looks at Sigma with a smile and says “…it’s been nice to meet you.”. Sigma smiles and says “Likewise.”

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare

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