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My other best friend

My other best friend published on No Comments on My other best friend

Well, I guess things are back to normal now.

This Wednesday (October 15th) is White Cane Safety Day, a day to celebrate the achievements of people who are blind or visually impaired, and the white cane as a tool of independence. So hey, now you know! and knowing is half the battle.


Panel 1: Sigma and Rho, both smiling and waving over a plain background. Sigma says “Today I’d like to talk about my best friend–“, to which Rho replies “Hi!”. Sigma continues, “My other best friend–”

Panel 2: A close-up of Sigma’s hand holding his white cane. He says “My cane.”. Next to it, in parenthesis, it says “it’s a new one”

Panel 3: Sigma holds up his white cane with both hands, smiling. He says “White canes are thinner and lighter than regular canes, making them a great mobility tool! A white cane also lets others know that a person is blind or visually impaired.”

Panel 4: Sigma puts down his cane, now holding it with just one hand. He says “That being said, a white cane shouldn’t be seen as a sign of helplessness, but of independence!”

Panel 5: Rho and Xi, staring at Sigma from a corner of the panel. Rho says “Are you talking to some fourth wall or something?”. Sigma raises his hands and says “I just want to spread awareness!”

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