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Panel 1: A break room. Omicron is sitting on a couch, trying to reach for a bowl of snacks. He has short black hair, thick eyebrows, a black coat and a red scarf that matches Xi’s. Xi says (off panel) “No…no no no NONONONO—-”

Panel 2: Omicron with a surprised, sort of worried expression, about to grab the bowl of snacks. Xi (off panel) screams “WATCH OUT!!” in big, bold letters.

Panel 3: Xi and Omicron sitting together on a couch. Xi is staring at a screen (off panel) and raising her hands in frustration. She says “WHAT?! How did you miss that? Are you even trying??”. Omicron, holding the bowl of snacks, looks at Xi with a concerned face and says “Xi, I don’t think the players can listen to you.”

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare