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Like, so ironic

Like, so ironic published on No Comments on Like, so ironic

Can’t say he didn’t warn you, Rho.

You might remember Dog & Fries from the first two pages of this comic! It’s your new favorite band. The cover art was drawn by my fantastic friend Zen and you can see it here. (I was there when she drew it!! good memories!!)

PS: I probably won’t update for a week or two, my semester is coming to an end and I need to focus, aaand I also need to work on my other comic, Granito. It won’t be too long, though!! see you then!


Panel 1: The hallway to Rho’s apartment. Rho’s wearing a gray dress shirt and talking to his co-worker, Aleph, an androgynous-looking girl with short teal hair, with a black undercut on the side. She’s wearing a red plaid shirt. She says “I’ve had a lot of fun tonight, Rho!”, to which Rho replies “Glad to hear that!”

Panel 2: A close-up of Aleph with a surprised face. She says “Oh…”

Panel 3: Rho and Aleph standing at the entrance of Rho’s apartment. A picture of the album cover of Dog & Fries can be seen inside the apartment. Aleph can barely contain her laughter and says “Hahaha! Oh Composer, Rho, you’re like—so ironic!”. Rho, with a blank, sort of confused expression just says “what”

Panel 4: A close-up of the entrance of Rho’s apartment, where the Dog & Fries picture is hanging. Aleph says (off panel) “You know, decorating your entrance with terrible bands…it’s hilarious!”

Panel 5: A close-up of Rho’s face on a bright blue background. He’s speechless, and his mouth is drawn like a long flat line that goes past his face. Aleph says (off panel) “I love your sense of humor.”

Panel 6: Sigma’s apartment. Rho is lying face-down on a table, sobbing. The words “ughh….” are floating over him. Sigma raises his eyebrows and says “What did I tell you?”

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