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Life-changing experience

Life-changing experience published on No Comments on Life-changing experience

My OTP, everyone.

This follows the comic from last week, and next comic will be Part 3! It feels nice to have comics related to the same story arc even though they’re meant to be independent (?). Currently still on an arc called “Rho just moved out what does the future hold for me” (working title)


Panel 1: Sigma’s apartment. A close-up of Xi sitting on the couch, with an amused look. She says “So you first met Rho when you became roommates? It must have been interesting to move in with someone like him!”

Panel 2: A close-up of Sigma sitting at the other side of the couch. He looks happy, but a bit embarassed. He says “Yeah, at the beggining I thought it was going to be a disaster…we actually had a great time.”

Panel 3: Sigma and Xi on the couch, on a blank background. Xi moves to lie on Sigma’s lap, stretching her arms up. Sigma says “I was homeschooled, so I didn’t interact much with others before college…”. Xi says “And then you had to move in with someone so different from you!”. Sigma smiles and says “Life-changing, right?”, to which Xi replies “Yeah!”

Panel 4: A close-up of Xi lying on Sigma’s lap. She looks at him and says “I bet you both got to learn a lot from eachother…that’s awesome.”

Panel 5: Same close-up as the last panel, but now Xi’s closing her eyes in a content smile. Sigma raises his eyebrows and says “I…hadn’t really thought about it.”, and Xi replies “I’m kind of jealous.”

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