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Layering up

Layering up published on No Comments on Layering up

You don’t want him to catch a cold, do you?

Fun fact: this comic takes place in the southern hemisphere! I live in Chile, so this is clearly what feels more natural to me. Also, you don’t know how many times I’ve gotten messages from people asking me stuff like “why do you say you’re on winter break if it’s summer???”, like they had no idea that it’s winter for half of the planet. Hmm.


Panel 1: The outside of an apartment building. Xi’s looking around with a nervous smile and says “Wow, it’s getting cold outside! Ready to go, Sig?”

Panel 2: Sigma says (off panel) “Ready!”. Xi turns around with a concerned expression. She says “Uhh…aren’t you overreacting a little?”

Panel 3: Sigma standing by the door. He’s wearing a hat that covers most of his hair and ears, his signature big red goggles, and a scarf that covers his mouth. He is also wearing gloves, and his usual turtleneck sweater. He’s holding his cane in one hand, and a set of keys on the other. He says “I’m cold.”. Xi (off panel) says “Sure, but…”

Panel 4: Xi looks at Sigma, from the panel we can only see her back. She says “Sigma, I can’t see you”. Sigma shrugs and says “Yeah, me neither.”

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