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Keeping up with you

Keeping up with you published on No Comments on Keeping up with you

At least it wasn’t Rho trying to guide him this time…?

There are many ways in which blind people can run with a guide, and one of them is by the use of a tether or rope. Just like for walking, a human guide can warn the runner of incoming obstacles, changes in terrain, etc.

If you want to see people who run better than Sigma, here’s a video of the Women’s 200m in the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

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Panel 1: A close-up of Xi, running in the park. She’s wearing a purple workout top. She says “I’m so happy you came on a run with me!”

Panel 2: Xi, running while she looks at the scenery. The sky is clear and blue, and there are some bushes and lavender flowers around her. She says “And in such a nice day!”

Panel 3: Xi looks back with a smile and says “Isn’t this great,”

Panel 4: Same as the previous panel, but Xi’s expression changes to one of mild surprise. As a continuation of the previous speech bubble, she says “–Sigma?”

Panel 5: A close-up of Sigma, who was running behind Xi. He’s wearing a t-shirt and gym pants, and is holding a rope on his left hand. His face is all red and sweaty, and he looks incredibly exhausted. He says “Xi…can we stop…” in a wobbly speech bubble.

Panel 6: Sigma drops to the floor in all fours, eyes wide open, trying to catch his breath. Xi stands next to him, still holding the other end of the rope. She looks at him with an amused smile and says “Dude, it’s only been 5 minutes…”. Sigma, in a wobbly speech bubble, lowercase letters, says “i’m dying”

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