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Panel 1: An office hallway. Beta, Rho’s advisor, is holding some papers and looking around. She has short blue hair, a purple turtleneck sweater and a labcoat. She thinks “I guess I should check on Rho…”

Panel 2: We can see the back of Beta’s head, and then Sigma waving in the background, at the office entrance. Beta says “Oh, hi Sigma!”. Sigma smiles and says “Hello!”

Panel 3: Same setting as Panel 2. Beta says “Have you seen Rho?”. Sigma shrugs and says “Nope!”

Panel 4: A close-up of Beta on a plain background. She smiles with a bit of disappointment, waves her hand and says “Well, see you then!”. Sigma (off panel) says “Bye!”

Panel 5: Inside the office, Sigma is still standing at the entrance waving with his hand. He says “…well technically I wasn’t lying”. Rho, still hiding under the desk, raises his arm with a thumbs up and says “thanks bro” in small letters.

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare