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Panel 1: Sigma, a young man with red hair, short but a little messy. He is wearing a suit and sunglasses, and holding a diploma. He has a nervous smile. There’s a caption from Sigma that says “I recently graduated from college”.

Panel 2: Xi, a young girl with light blue hair and blue eyes with long eyelashes. She’s wearing her signature clothes: a white coat with a big red scarf. She’s smiling. A caption from Sigma says “got into a relationship soon after…”

Panel 3: Rho, a young man with black hair that covers his eyes and a big pointy nose. He’s wearing his signature striped brown hoodie and holding some cardboard boxes. Another caption from Sigma says “And now my best friend is moving out of the apartment we used to share, so I’ll be living on my own.”

Panel 4: Sigma, wearing his usual outfit: a brown turtleneck sweater, big red goggles and jeans. He is holding a cardboard box, standing near the entrance door inside his apartment. We can see part of the kitchen as well. A caption from Sigma says: “It’s the start of a new chapter in my life, I guess. I hope it goes well.”

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare
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    This is a test comment! Pretend you never saw this.

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      I’m having trouble doing so

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