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PS: Postcards is going into a (hopefully short) hiatus; grad school and some personal issues haven’t left me with much time to work on comics, so I need to take some time to get back to this. There’ll be some interesting stuff coming up in the comic, so let’s look forward to that!

And maybe look forward to some guest comics in the meantime, as well…? 😉


Panel 1: A view of some apartment buildings. It’s dark, and the lights are on on some windows while others are completely dark.

Panel 2: A close-up of one of the windows in the building. Inside we can see Aleph sitting cross-legged on a bed with a laptop.

Panel 3: Zooming in to Aleph, typing on the laptop with a blank expression.

Panel 4: A close-up of Aleph’s face, putting on some earphones.

Panel 5: Aleph lying in bed next to the laptop, with her earphones on and connected to the laptop. On the laptop screen we can see that Dog & Fries is playing.

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