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Panel 1: Sigma’s apartment. Sigma is sitting on the couch, lying back with his knees up. He says “So I was thinking of redecorating when Xi moves in…”

Panel 2: Sigma says “That’d be nice, right? Like a fresh start.” Rho, standing a bit away from him, says “And you’d let her choose the decor?”

Panel 3: Sigma turns with a smile, eyes closed. He says “Yeah! I trust her”. Rho is visibly annoyed. He says “You never trusted ME with home decor…”

Panel 4: A close-up of Rho, frowning at Sigma while waving while of his hands. He says “I mean, no offense, but you couldn’t even see any of the decor…why did you care so much?”

Panel 5: Sigma rests his hands on his knees. He raises his eyebrows and says “Oh, I just didn’t want people to associate me with your terrible taste”

Panel 6: Rho looking to the side, touching his chin with his hand. Sigma (off-panel) continues: “I thought that was obvious by now”

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare

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