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Holiday postcards

Holiday postcards published on 4 Comments on Holiday postcards

Happy Holidays, everyone!! I hope you have a wonderful time with your loved ones, whether they’re close or far ♥

The weird date of this update is because it’s meant to be part of this year’s Tapastic Holiday Collab! It’s a huge collaboration by different comic artists posting new comics every day, all centered around the “holiday postcard” theme. Which is…really fitting for my comic, hehe 😉✨

I started the year with an Aleph-centered arc, and now I’m finishing it with another Aleph episode…I guess it’s just their year 😛 thank you so much for sticking with me for another year of comics! you’re the dogs to my fries, people. I mean it.

See you in 2017! ♥


Panel 1: A bus terminal. There are screens with upcoming departures, and some people walking around or sitting on the terminal benches. Aleph (off panel) says “SOLD OUT?!” in big, bold letters.

Panel 2: A close-up of Aleph, standing by the terminal counter. The person working at the counter (off panel) says “Yes, I’m sorry…”. Aleph, looking at them with disappointment, says “But…”

Panel 3: Same close-up. Aleph looks down with a sad expression and says “I was going to visit my family…”

Panel 4: Same close-up, but now Aleph is sitting on the couch at Rho’s apartment. Holding their head with both hands, they say “I haven’t seen them in a year!”

Panel 5: Aleph and Rho sitting on the couch. Aleph is resting their head on their hands, looking defeated. Rho smiles trying to cheer them up. He says “Well the holidays in Prin aren’t so bad, there’s lots of activities and…”

Panel 6: A close-up of Rho, looking sad. He says “uhh…”

Panel 7: Aleph, still sitting down with their head resting on their hands. Rho (off panel) says “OH! I KNOW!”

Panel 8: Rho, with a big smile on his face, says “You can send them a postcard!”. Aleph turns to him in surprise, looking interested.

Panel 9: A close-up of Rho, looking very excited. There are sparkles around him. He says “Like, with a photo, and a nice handwritten note–“. Aleph (off panel) says “that sounds nice…”

Panel 10: A close-up of Rho and Aleph. Rho, holding his phone, says “OKAY I’M CALLING EVERYONE” in big, bold letters. Next to him, Aleph is staring at the phone with their eyes wide open, sweating.

Panel 11: The entrance to Rho’s apartment. On the top of the panel it says “AND THEN:” in big letters. Rho opens the door to find Xi, who says “We got here as fast as we could! What happened?”

Panel 12: Rho points to Aleph with his hands. He says “Well,”. Standing next to him, Aleph is smiling nervously with wide open eyes, sweating. They say “WELL” in big, bold letters.

Panel 13: Aleph looks down, scratching their head. They say “Well, I know we’re not too close, but–”

Panel 14: Sigma, Xi and Rho listening to Aleph. Sigma and Xi are smiling fondly, while Omicron is standing behind them with a nervous expression. Aleph (off panel) says “I really enjoy hanging out with you, and I—I just—”

Panel 15: Aleph covers their face with their hands, blushing. They say “C-can we take a picture together? it’s for my family…”. Xi, with a huge grin on her face, says “Aww of course!!”. There are little hearts floating around her.

Panel 16: Xi grabs Aleph by the arm. Aleph, still blushing, looks startled, with some exclamation marks over their head. Xi says “Alright, let’s do this!”

Panel 17: The postcard photo. Xi, Aleph and Sigma are sitting on the couch, with Aleph sitting in the middle. They’re holding a small purple card that has “Happy Holidays!” written on it. Behind the couch is Omicron, with a shy little smile, and Rho, waving his hands with an excited face. There are some little stars hanging from the ceiling.

Panel 18: Aleph looking at the postcard with a smile. They say “Aww, it’s great! Thank you!!”

Panel 19: Rho turns to Aleph and says “Come on, we can still send it on time!” Aleph, holding the postcard and a pen, says “Right!”

Panel 20: Rho and Aleph walking down the street at night. Aleph is smiling and holding the postcard over them with their arms outstretched.

Panel 21: A close-up of Aleph’s hand putting the postcard inside a mailbox.

Panel 22: A close-up of the postcard, seen from the inside of the mailbox. The postcard says: “Hi folks! Happy holidays! I’m sorry I couldn’t make it. I can’t wait to see you and tell you about all I’ve been up to this year! It’s been a wonderful one, so far. Love, your child Aleph”. Meanwhile, Rho (off panel) says “So, do you wanna stay over for dinner?”. Aleph (also off panel) says “Sure!”

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  • Aaw, that’s so sweet!! :3 ♡ Rho is the best non-boyfriend, ever! n~n

    • “Non-boyfriend” is…so accurate x’D 💖