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Panel 1: Rho and Aleph sitting on a park bench. They look at eachother smiling. Rho says “So…are we cool?”. Aleph replies “Of course we are!”

Panel 2: Rho and Aleph hug eachother with big smiles on their faces. There’s an “Awww!” written on the background.

Panel 3: A close-up of Xi looking through a pair of binoculars. She seems to be hiding behind a bench. Sigma (off panel) says “So what happened there?”. Xi says “I have no idea”

Panel 4: Xi and Sigma sitting on a park bench. Xi’s holding the binoculars in her hands, but isn’t using them anymore. She says “They look happy, though.”. Sigma smiles and says “That’s enough for me.”

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare