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GUEST COMIC: Strontium

GUEST COMIC: Strontium published on No Comments on GUEST COMIC: Strontium

Well at least Sigma isn’t allergic to him, that’s a plus.

This week’s comic was made by my buddy Strontium!! they make this really cool comic called Heroes of Thantopolis (you can find it on Tapastic or Tumblr), with cool ghosts and friendship and adventures!! if you haven’t read it yet then NOW’S YOUR CHANCE


Panel 1: Sigma and Xi walking down the street. On the background there’s a building, with a cat sitting by one of the windows. Xi says “Oh, there’s an adorable cat in the window of this house!”. Sigma smiles and says “Aww.”

Panel 2: Xi asks “Maybe we should get a cat?”. Sigma turns to her and says “We already have a cat.”. Xi replies “We do?”

Panel 3: Rho, lying asleep all over the couch. Sigma is standing next to the couch and hitting him with his cane. He says “Rho, quit hogging the couch…”

Panel 4: Rho, jumping onto a wall and trying to reach the light coming from a laser pointer. He hits the wall with a WHMP and says “Aha! I’ve gotcha!”

Panel 5: Rho and Xi sitting at a table. Rho’s holding a bag of Meow Mix and munching some of it. Xi’s staring at him with a horrified look.

Panel 6: Rho offers the bag of Meow Mix to Xi and says “You want some?”. Xi holds her hands up in front of her, sweating a bit.

Panel 7: Back to Sigma and Xi walking down the street. Xi looks down and says “Hmm, you make a good point.”

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