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Panel 1: Omicron, Xi, Rho and Sigma sitting together on a couch. Xi and Sigma are holding mugs. Omicron turns to Rho and says “So Rho, you like music, right? Do you play any instrument?”. Rho says “I’m glad you asked!”

Panel 2: A close-up of Rho, pointing with a determined smile. There are sparkles around him. He says “I actually am a…professional kazoo player”. Next to him there’s a picture of a kazoo, also surrounded by sparkles.

Panel 3: Rho stands in one knee and spreads his arms, playing the kazoo with a dramatic pose. He knocks over some of the cups on the coffee table. Behind him, the other three are still sitting on the couch. Omicron looks shocked and uncomfortable. Xi covers her ears and says “not agaaain”, and Sigma is sweating with an embarassed smile. There are some “Pfffpbttt” sounds coming from the kazoo.

Webcomic Transcript Authorskurisquare

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