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GUEST COMIC: Rodrigo V. published on 1 Comment on GUEST COMIC: Rodrigo V.

A hardcore fan is worth a thousand regular fans.

Hello everyone! I am writing this from the past, so by the time this comic goes up I’ll be on vacation! February is my summer break month and I’m doing my best to avoid work and recharge as much as possible. In the meantime I got a couple guest comics I hope you guys enjoy ♥

This week’s comic is by Rodrigo V., a fellow chilean comic artist who is just…extremely cool?! every time we hang out to talk about comics I get SO HYPED!! If you want to read more from him you can follow him on Twitter.

There’s another guest comic next Monday, so stay tuned! 😛


Panel 1: A close-up of a musician standing in front of a mic, under a shining spotlight. This person says “Good night, Omni! We are Dog & Fries & Friends and this is our sh—”

Panel 2: The stage of the show, where 9 different musicians with all kinds of instruments are standing while staring at the audience. On the back there’s a huge banner with the Dog & Fries cover on it. The musician in the middle says “–What? again?”. On the bottom there’s a small “Woo!” coming from the audience (off-panel)

Panel 3: We see the other half of the room, which is where the audience should be. It’s all empty, except for Rho who is standing right in the middle. He raises an arm saying “Woo!” enthusiastically.

Panel 4: A close-up of the lead musician, staring with disbelief. He says “…How are we still getting shows?”

Panel 5: Same close-up, but the musician now looks more worried. He says “How are we still selling CDs?”. Behind him, another guy with a melodica is shown shrugging.

Panel 6: A bigger close-up, with the same musician as he starts to yell. He says “OMG! IS THIS A NIGHTMARE AGAIN?!”

Panel 7: A wide panel that only shows Rho in the middle, right under the spotlight. He says “Woo!”

Panel 8: A panel a bit smaller than the previous one. A close-up of Rho, still under the spotlight, as he looks at the stage with excitement.

Panel 9: An even smaller panel. An even closer close-up of Rho, still looking at the stage. With the smile never leaving his face, he just says “Woo!”

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