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GUEST COMIC: noctuidae

GUEST COMIC: noctuidae published on No Comments on GUEST COMIC: noctuidae

This guest comic was drawn by cool artist and good friend noctuidae! I really recomment reading her webcomic rainy day if you haven’t, it’s super good stuff 🙂

I have a lot of work this semester and it’s been getting harder to get comics done on time each week, so I’m taking a couple weeks to build a little buffer that can help me stay consistent with updates AND work on my studies/research without imploding in the process! So, I got some friends to cover me with guest comics while I do this. Thanks, guys!! You’re the best.


Panel 1: Sigma sitting at a table, reading a book in Braille with his fingers. There are tears running down his face. Xi says (off panel) “Sigma? …You alright?”

Panel 2: Xi is standing next to Sigma, who’s still crying. He says “Oh, I was just reading this book. I guess I got carried away.”

Panel 3: Xi reaches for Sigma’s head with her hand, with a warm smile on her face. She says “At least take off your goggles so you can dry your eyes properly.”

Panel 4: Xi holding Sigma’s glasses with surprise. She says “You’ve even collected tears in them!”. Sigma, drying his eyes with one hand, says “It was a very sad story.”

Panel 5: Sigma holds the book with a little smile and says “Good read, though. I think you’d like it. It’s called—“. Next to him, Xi is pouring water out of the goggles.

Panel 6: Sigma says “…I hear running water.”. Next to him, Xi is shown pouring two tiny waterfalls out of the goggles, water that falls out of the panel and collects at the bottom of the page.

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