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GUEST COMIC: noctuidae (2)

GUEST COMIC: noctuidae (2) published on No Comments on GUEST COMIC: noctuidae (2)

So THAT’S what was inside her pouch! one mystery less in this universe…almost.

This week’s comic was made by good bud noctuidae, author of the webcomic rainy day, also known as “sad children in a really weird storm”. Check it out!! listen to me!! go!!


Panel 1: A close-up of Xi’s belt pouch. Omicron (off panel) says “Hey, Xi…what’s that pouch in your belt for?”

Panel 2: Xi looks at Omicron and says “Why do you ask?”. He replies “I’m just wondering.”

Panel 3: Omicron looks up and says “Like, is it for your cellph–“, but he is interrupted by Xi (off panel), who says “OH NO!”

Panel 4: Zooming out, we can see a train passing by next to Xi and Omicron. Xi says “The train’s already leaving! I’m gonna be late!”

Panel 5: In the foreground, Omicron brings his hands to his chin, looks down and says “Well, the next train comes in half an hour.”. In the background, behind Omicron’s back, Xi pulls out a grappling hook from her belt pouch.

Panel 6: Omicron turns back to Xi and says “Just call Sigma that you’re going— going to be…”. In the background we can see Xi’s legs as she’s being lifted.

Panel 7: Xi, kneeling at the top of the train. She still has the grappling hook in one hand. She turns back to Omicron and shouts “It was nice running into you, Omi!”

Panel 8: A close-up of Omicron, standing and looking at the train as it leaves. There’s a “BYEEEEE” from Xi in the background. Other people are looking as well.

Panel 9: A thought bubble, showing that the previous panels were in Omicron’s thoughts. Omicron’s standing with a concentrated face while Xi, standing next to him, points and says “look, the train’s finally here.”

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