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GUEST COMIC: Natalie Riess

GUEST COMIC: Natalie Riess published on No Comments on GUEST COMIC: Natalie Riess

It’s your new favorite band!!!!

Today’s guest art was made by Natalie Riess (aka Gearfish), creator of the cool adventure comic Snarlbear, I really recommend it if you haven’t read it already!! it’s cool stuff. You can also check her Tumblr here.

And to those who still wonder what Dog & Fries is like: imagine a mix of Animal Collective and Dan Deacon, but bad. Like, really bad. That’s your new favorite band.


An illustration. On the foreground, Rho is holding a poster with a Dog & Fries picture, smiling. Behind him there’s a lot of fries and some dogs running between them. There’s also Aleph, Sigma and Xi being pushed by the dogs and the fries.

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