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GUEST COMIC: Luis Volke published on No Comments on GUEST COMIC: Luis Volke


This week’s comic was drawn by Luis Volke, creator of the webcomic Scribbled Life!

PS: If you want to hear more about tongue clicks, here’s a TED talk by Daniel Kish on white canes, tongue clicking and human echolocation.


Panel 1: Rho and Xi sitting on a couch, looking confused. The background behind them is full of “CLICK CLICK CLICK” sounds.

Panel 2: Sigma standing by a wall, clicking his tongue. The background behind him is full of “CLICK CLICK CLICK” sounds.

Panel 3: Someone says to Sigma “Uhm, Sigma…don’t get upset, but…please, stop clicking. I know it’s an alternative for canes, but you already have one, and that noise is getting annoying.”. Sigma stops clicking for a moment.

Panel 4: Sigma points at his mouth and opens it, showing a piece of bubblegum. He says “Oh, you mean that thing? Don’t worry, I’m just chewing this bubblegum.”

Panel 5: Sigma smiles and clasps his hands together. Next to him we can see a drawing of his cane, shown as a thought. He says “However, I wouldn’t like to change my cane. I’m so used to it it’s like a part of me.”

Panel 6: A close-up of Rho, smiling nervously. He says “Uhm…Sigma…I have to tell you something funny about your cane”

Panel 7: Xi dragging Sigma outside, who is furious and has his face all red. Xi looks back at Rho and says “Oooooookay, we have to leave! I just remembered I invited Sigma to a new café. I’ll guide him, don’t worry!”

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