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GUEST COMIC: Lira Kraunik

GUEST COMIC: Lira Kraunik published on No Comments on GUEST COMIC: Lira Kraunik

Well you can’t have a good book without a cool soundtrack. Or can you…

We’re hitting the end of the year with a couple cute guest comics! This one’s by good friend Lira, author of The Lonely Moon, an adorable comic about friendship and childhood (and possibly tears) which you should totally read if you haven’t already (I know I say that about a lot of comics but trust me on this).

Happy holidays, everyone!


Panel 1: Sigma walking into his apartment while talking on the phone. He says “I’m home now”. Xi (on the phone) says “Great! There’s a present for you on the table. See you later!”

Panel 2: Sigma opening a box. There’s a CD inside. He says “A cd?” with a confused expression.

Panel 3: Sigma sits down on the couch and puts his headphones on to listen to the CD. It’s a recording. Xi says “Hey there! Xi and Rho here!”. Rho says “Surprise!”

Panel 4: Xi and Rho, while they were recording the CD. Xi’s wearing a headset with a microphone, and Rho has a microphone attached to his hoodie. Xi’s holding a red book. She says “Since you couldn’t get that book you wanted in Braille or in audio version…we’re gonna read it for you!”. Rho says “Your very own personalized audiobook! We’re awesome!”

Panel 5: A close-up of Sigma, smiling as he listens to the recording. He’s blushing a little, and has a speech bubble with a heart on it.

Panel 6: A close-up of Xi reading the book. She looks concentrated. She says “Uhm..Chapter one: It begins, as most things begin, with a song. In the beggnining, after all, were the words, and they came with a tune…”

Panel 7: Sigma, listening to the recording with his eyes closed and a calm smile. This panel is connected to the previous and next panels.

Panel 8: A close-up of Rho reading the book. He looks a little annoyed. He says “Chapter two…man, this is such a boring book”. Xi (off panel) says “Just keep reading, Rho!”

Panel 9: Sigma suddenly opens his eyes in surprise. There’s a speech bubble with a big exclamation mark. The borders of the panel start looking messy.

Panel 10: Sigma starts shaking, looking sick. His eyes are wide open, and his pupils are really small. The borders of the panel look messier.

Panel 11: Sigma starts falling down, and we can only see part of his face. He takes off his headphones, holding them over his head. The borders of the panel are messier, and the panel is smaller.

Panel 12: Sigma’s hand, reaching from below. The panel is messy and very small. There’s a black speech bubble coming from Sigma with a skull on it.

Panel 13: Xi walks into Sigma’s apartment, finding him sitting on the couch. She says “So…did you like it?”. Sigma smiles and says “Haha…yes, it was…really special…”

Panel 14: A close-up of Xi, staring at Sigma with a confused, but concentrated expression.

Panel 15: Xi raises her eyebrows, looking unimpressed, and says “Rho added background music to it, didn’t he”. Sigma (off panel) says “…yeah…”

Panel 16: Xi shrugs with a little smile and says “Oh well, I guess it can’t be helped”

Panel 17: Sigma, sitting down on the couch with his eyes closed. Xi is lying across the couch, resting her head on Sigma’s leg and her feet on one of the armrests. They both look happy. Xi’s reading the book. She says “Chapter one! It begings, as most things begin, with a song…”

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