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GUEST COMIC: Joni Miller

GUEST COMIC: Joni Miller published on No Comments on GUEST COMIC: Joni Miller

Amusement parks are all about fun games and gross but delicious food.

This comic was drawn by Joni Miller (aka Jocosejoni), creator of the webcomic Apoppytheosis! You can also check her art tumblr here.

I hope you guys enjoy these guest comics while I’m gone! have a nice week! ♥


Panel 1: An amusement park. Omicron, Xi and Sigma are walking together. Omicron and Xi are having snacks and Sigma is carrying a big yellow plush. Omicron says “Coming to the amusement park together was a good idea, Xi!”. Sigma says “Yeah! Today has been great.”

Panel 2: Omicron, seen from Xi’s perspective. Next to him there’s a Rho-shaped space that says “MISSING!”

Panel 3: A close-up of Xi’s face, looking suspicious. She says “Where did Rho go?”

Panel 4: Omicron, Xi and Sigma looking uncomfortable. A messy-looking speech bubble from Rho (off panel) says “Over here guys…”

Panel 5: Rho, kneeling on the floor while holding on a trash can. He says “…funnel cake and spinning rides do not mix.”

Panel 6: Rho puts his head inside the trash can. There’s a small “BLEH” sound effect coming from him.

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