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GUEST COMIC: Håvard Heggenhougen

GUEST COMIC: Håvard Heggenhougen published on 1 Comment on GUEST COMIC: Håvard Heggenhougen

Why am I not surprised….

This week’s comic is brought to you by Håvard Heggenhougen, half of the creative team behind the webcomic Grapple Seed! the comic is on hiatus right now, but you can find pages over at Sketchmazoid’s Patreon page. You can also follow Håvard on Twitter at @watchyourgrip!

A LITTLE NOTE: I’ll have to stop updating for a couple weeks, I’ve been busy working on another comic and I need to build up a buffer again!! after this “break” we’re going all the way into the last pages of the comic, so buckle up!! see you soon! ♥


Panel 1: The hallway leading to Sigma’s apartment. Xi is walking towards the door, carrying a bag full of groceries.

Panel 2: A close-up of Xi, opening the door of the apartment. She walks in with a smile. She says “Hi Sigma! I bought snacks for tonight. What have you been…”

Panel 3: On the foreground, Xi, seen from behind, as she enters the apartment. On the background there’s a shot of the living room. There’s a broken lamp, and a bookshelf lying on the floor, right over a pile of books. Sigma is sitting on top of the fallen bookshelf, holding his cane, which is bent in half. Under the pile of books there’s Rho, struggling to get out of there. Sigma looks really angry. He says “Rho was playing Star Wars with my cane again, breaking it in twain and wrecking the entire living room! After which he vanished without a trace! I haven’t seen him since! Needless to say, I’m filled with rage! And and unquenchable thirst for swift justice!”

Panel 4: A close-up of Xi’s face, who’s looking at the scene in shock, her mouth hanging open. Sigma (off panel) continues: “I’ve been here sitting patiently for hours, waiting for him to return so I can give him a piece of my mind!”

Panel 5: A close-up of Rho, who’s still under the pile of books. He turns to Xi and quietly gestures a “shush” to her. Sigma (off panel) is still talking: “You haven’t run into him today, have you?”

  • Georgeo Brooks

    Truly I laughed out loud