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GUEST COMIC: Cyndi Foster

GUEST COMIC: Cyndi Foster published on No Comments on GUEST COMIC: Cyndi Foster

Read the FULL VERSION (animated + sound!) at Tapastic!

This week’s comic was drawn by Cyndi Foster, creator of the webcomic Oops Comic Adventure!

I really like Cyndi’s take on how Sigma dreams (showing other senses in a visual medium like comics is hard!!), we got to talk a lot about this comic and her research for it – it was a really nice experience!

I hope you guys are enjoying these guest comics! as for me, I’ve been having a really good time and plan to be back with regular updates in March, if everything goes well. See you soon!


Panel 1: Omicron sleeping in his bed. He’s dreaming of himself, gardening.

Panel 2: Rho, lying asleep over his desk, over a pile of books and papers. He’s dreaming of himself being lifted by a crowd in the middle of a Dog & Fries concert.

Panel 3: Xi, sleeping in her bed. She’s dreaming of herself and Sigma lying together on a picnic blanket, and then riding a tandem bike together. They both look very happy.

Panel 4: Sigma, sleeping on the sofa. He’s dreaming of abstract shapes that move like a kaleidoscope.

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