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GUEST COMIC: Cyndi Foster (2)

GUEST COMIC: Cyndi Foster (2) published on No Comments on GUEST COMIC: Cyndi Foster (2)

Rho should be banned from all kitchens forever.

This week’s comic is brought to you by Cyndi, who is a treasure and offered to cover me with a guest comic for a second time :’D ♥ be sure to check her webcomic Oops! Comic Adventure!


Panel 1: Sigma and Rho standing by a kitchen table. Sigma is holding a knife with peanut butter on it in one hand, and a plate with sliced bread on the other. There are more ingredients on the table. Rho points at the bread and says “Whatcha doing there, chef Sig?”. Sigma says “My world famous PBJ for lunch.”

Panel 2: Rho drops more ingredients on the table, pushing the stuff that was previously on it. Rho says “Count me in on this sandwich action.” Sigma stands back and says “Ok, just–careful. I have a sys–“. He is interrupted by Rho who says “Yeah, no worries pal. I got ya.”

Panel 3: A close-up of a jar of strawberry jam and a jar of mayo. Rho is holding the jar of jam, while Sigma’s hand is reaching for one of the jars. Both (off panel) are singing “Slappin’ relish on my ham, with some cheese to please! Hold that fluff n’ stuff, you can’t rock without the jams!”

Panel 4: Sigma and Rho singing dramatically while holding their sandwiches. They sing “Sanmmiches! the best thang since sliced breeeead!!”

Panel 5: A close-up of Rho and Sigma’s mouths as they take a first bite out of their sandwiches. There’s a big “NOM NOM!” in the middle.

Panel 6: Sigma, sitting at the table looking disappointed. Next to him is his unfinished sandwich. He says “Something went horribly wrong.”. Rho is standing next to him with a big smile and stars for eyes, holding his sandwich with delight. Rho says “Don’t know what you’re talking about. This is amazing!”. Sigma says “I think I’ll stick with sliced bread.”

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