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GUEST COMIC: Andy May published on No Comments on GUEST COMIC: Andy May

I’d totally listen to Obstacle Ostrich, you guys.

This guest comic was drawn by my friend Andy! You can see more of his work on his artblog 🙂 thanks a lot, dude!!

I hope you guys enjoyed these guest comics! We’ll go back to regular updates next week. See you then!


Panel 1: Sigma is holding a CD box in his hands. He says “Hey Rho, I thought you might like this band–”

Panel 2: Rho looks at the CD Sigma is offering him. We can see Sigma’s hand still holding the box. Sigma says (off panel) “Obstacle Ostrich. They’re really good.”

Panel 3: Rho grabs the CD box and says “Okay, dude. I’ll listen to them.”

Panel 4: Sigma, with a concentrated expression, thinks “Maybe it’ll change his terrible music taste.”

Panel 5: A caption says “LATER-“. A close-up of Sigma’s face as he hears some music in the distance. There’s a question mark next to him.

Panel 6: Sigma walks into a room where Rho is sitting in a couch, smiling. Sigma, with an annoyed look, says “Wait, that’s not Obstacle Ostrich, is it?”

Panel 7: A close-up of Rho’s face, with a huge grin on his face. He says “Dogs and Fries’ new single–“. Sigma says (off panel) “DUDE–“, Rho continues to say “CATS AND BURGERS!”. Sigma (off panel) says “YOU’RE HOPELESS”

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